Daftar Singkatan Yang Sering Dipergunakan Di Facebook Advertisement


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Buat yg baru belajar. Istilah2 yang sering digunakan di FB Ads

PPE: Page Post Engagement
WC: Website Conversion
ATC: Add To Cart
IC: Initiate Checkout
CA: Custom Audience
LAL or LAA or LLA: Lookalike Audience
ROI: Return on Investment
ROAS: Revenue on ad spend
CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions
CPC: Cost Per Click
CTR: Click Through Rate
CPE: Cost Per Engagement
DPA: Dynamic Product Ads
RT: Retargeting
CPP: Cost per purchase
CPA: Cost per acquisition
TOF: Top of Funnel
MOF: Middle of Funnel
BOF: Bottom of Funnel
LPV: Landing Page Views
LP: Landing Page
CBO: Campaign Budget Optimization
OCU: One click upsell
OTO: One time offer
US: Upsell
DS: Downsell
XS: Cross Sell
CVR: Conversion rate
CRO: Conversion rate optimization
VV: Video Views
VC: View Content
AOV: Average Order Value
LTV: Lifetime Value
CLTV: Customer Lifetime Value
BM: Business Manager

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